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When you book, we will ask for your details in case we need to contact you - please also let us know what advice you need so our expert can prepare for your online trend session
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Typically, online trend presentation lengths one hour with questions and answers time at the end. It can be delivered with translation, if required. The recording of your session will be available at the end. Get understanding the reasonings behind our predictions and ask burning questions directly.
Get access to a team of highly experienced designers and developers capable of delivering premium quality products for all womenswear
Working digitally and remotely, we provide sustainable product development via 3D software which allows a 360-degree view of an avatar. This minimises the wastage of paper, fabric and time as design silhouettes are confirmed before patterns and toiles are made
From concept to production
Our team is London based, but works with overseas clients. We also have knowledge of international suppliers
We can design to a brief or suggest market sectors to develop or build on existing successes. Selections can be indicated or sourced for specific markets
Specialised in preparing all information, including story boards for samples and production, we can also manage the development process and the making of samples if needed
Prints can be designed, sourced or developed from artwork and silhouette designs can be hand illustrated or CAD drawings
We can use our extensive network of well-known celebrities and luxury brands to evaluate your collection and build international collaborations. Get in touch if you want to know more!
One of the most effective ways to increase conversions and decrease returns is to provide consumers with high-quality visual content by integrating 3D product imaging technology - Cappasity 3D View.

Unlike photos and videos, Cappasity 3D Views are fully interactive, allowing customers to get a good look at an item from any angle and zoom in to see the details. This enables them to examine a product as they would in real life, truly seeing the quality and details so they can purchase with confidence. As a result, online sellers minimize the number of returns and increase conversion.

It is the first scalable and easy-to-adopt solution for complex e-commerce projects that only takes 3 minutes/SKU to create a 3D and embed it into a store.

Our clients see higher conversion rates (10-30% increase), higher time on the product page, less returns, and less customer inquiries when their products have interactive 3D images. The platform also provides unique 3D analytics tool based on AI to track customers' online behavior and ensure the best product presentation online.

Cappasity lets companies create & deliver 3D/AR experiences to blur the line between online and in-store shopping.
From production to sale

It's no longer enough for retailers to simply push product, it's about offering an experience that cannot be replicated online.

As designers we look to weave a strong and unique story and sense of place into our design concepts, providing our clients with retail environments that encourage discovery, understanding and connection.

Keep ahead of your competitors
- Showcase your brand in a meaningful way
- Connect with your customers through relevant experiences
- Gain affinity through compelling brand stories
- Stand apart and stand for something your customers wholeheartedly want to be part of
- Create a retail environment that is adaptable, responsive, and sustainable
Helping brands deliver their own unique experience
Branding & Store design
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