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Frequently asked questions
Why there are two reports for one topic? Why is all your content divided for Innovators and for Adopters?
We publish two reports for each forecast: this is our methodology and our manifesto. New times demand a new approach. We are big believers in slowing down fashion and have looked at fashion forecasting differently by dividing market players into two categories: Innovators and Adopters. This makes easier to link your brand with the relevant trend direction of the season, one which represents your customer's profile. See answers below about our definition of Adopters and Innovators.
Who is an Adopter?
Adopters follow trends and have a considered approach to colour, prints and wardrobe mixing. They make subtle modifications and changes to their product offer. They are keen to create a brand with a reputation for using interesting forms, intriguing designs, refined details, and perfectly matched haberdashery or leathercraft accessories but don't want to come across as loud or brash; they avoid extreme trends. They aim to create intelligent, responsible and sustainable fashion; their approach is careful and is based on a detailed analysis of the current needs of their existing and potential new audience. Their designs are classic, universal and timeless. They place high value on quality and functionality, which have become synonymous with luxury. This applies primarily to the materials they use, but it also guides their approach to production; they seek perfection in their finished products.

If this sounds like your customer, turn to our reports marked for "Adopters".

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Who is an Innovator?
Innovators represent a younger audience. Innovators set trends and approach colour and prints in a bold and creative way, with an individualistic use of colour and wardrobe mixing.

They are drawn to fashion, art, real and virtual culture, technological innovations and designer novelties. Innovators define their aestheticism in relation to themselves. They create their image very consciously, they know that clothing is an important method of self-expression, a form of communication with society which embodies their personality, sensitivity and beliefs. They look for originality, otherness, novelty, contrast - both in the form and styling of garments and in details or design solutions.

If this sounds like your customer, turn to our reports marked for "Innovators".

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Why is your service so reasonably priced? Can I trust your experts?
We are able to deliver high quality expertise at competitive prices without compromising quality because our experts publish directly on our platform. Trendsite forecasts are developed by international experts who have worked with well-known brands such as Stella McCartney, Amazon, ASOS, Gucci. They all have solid experience in forecasting and market analytics.

You can trust us completely as we do not work with third-party advertisers and our published research is 100% independent.

Can I publish anything from your reports online, including Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and our company's website?
No. Our reports are our intellectual property and are for internal use only. The rights cannot be transferred to third parties; they are not for resale, cannot be shared externally, distributed, or published on any website, on social media, or on other sharing platforms. The original designs in our CADS library can be used in your design work and these are royalty free.

How do I pay for my subscription?
Subscription payment can be made by bank transfer or directly on the website through PayPal or using a credit card. If you pay directly on the website, an invoice and contract, including Ts&Cs will be automatically sent to your email address immediately after your payment is received. If you signed for the Annual access, you will receive a separate email containing your password details. If you signed up for a Seasonal trend session or a Trial package, you will be contact by our customer service representative, who will send you all your chosen reports and/or arrange a trend session for you.
Is this subscription annual?
Yes, if you choose Annual access. With one easy payment, you will get unlimited to everything published on To make it even better, all content from our design file library, including CADs and prints & graphics, is royalty-free. What you use from it is yours forever.
I do not want an annual subscription, but I need access to some of your reports. What should I do?
We believe our unique offering of downloadable reports and video format of them is game-changing. If you are not ready to commit to annual access, you can pick a seasonal trend session option which allows you to book an online trend talk with one of our experts on the topic you need. Alternatively, you can choose trial access, which gives you the opportunity to download 4 Trendsite reports and watch them as video talks prepared by our experts.
Can I cancel my annual subscription?
Yes, you can cancel it on the last day of your current period. We have a different vision of fashion forecasting ... one without costly subscriptions or auto-renewal, so you're never automatically recharged.
I am a start-up. Do have a special offer so I can afford your service?
Sure! Not only do we offer our unique content to established businesses, we support start-ups too. If you are a start-up, reach out to get your special 10% discount for your first-year access.
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