Women's Print & Graphic A/W 21/22.
Traditions which inspire the future
In the fall-winter season, we redefine tradition through the prism of innovation.

Images from outer space and prehistoric artefacts are of equal value.

Within the framework of the extreme conditions of digital reality, and the fast pace being set by innovative technologies, these trends evoke nostalgia for the traditional values that we can all rely on.

This season, classic paisley, the plaid patterns our grandmother would have worn, gold and the lavish detail seen in old paintings, combine with geometry and traditional crafts to evoke the work of the old masters.

The beauty of the earth's surface is a new source of inspiration and will be for many seasons to come. We are rethinking elements of wildlife and transforming natural surfaces – oil stains, volcanic lava, the plumage of forest birds and abundant flora – into organic non-prints and catwalk favourites.

Special features: the transformation of plant elements into new formats in which hand drawn flowers sit beside strikingly realistic photographic flora. When brought together in intricate patterns, this natural herbarium, encapsulates our memories of the past and gives us a valuable sense of security, protection and tranquillity.
Mystical feathers
These patterns are influenced by our commitment to ecosystems and natural materials. We create an ecological fantasy by transferring a drawing of a feather, processing and transforming drawings of marble, and looking for repeating patterns in leaves.

Special features: the direct transfer of images, large block compositions and natural colours.
Artistic paisley
This artistic approach transforms paisley into a wealth of new motifs and symbols.

Special features: the retention of the main elements of the traditional pattern with the addition of bold interpretations, which use graphics as well as watercolours and oils.
Expressive textures
An exaggerated interpretation of natural lines. We preserve nature's designs but brighten and highlight selected fragments and details.

Special features: the ability to make full use of natural motifs, magnifying and replicating them to create new variations.
Artistic stripes
Here we have minimalistic drawing fused with intricate colour schemes, unpredictable lines and carefully placed verticals. We are doing everything we can to make these designs as visible as possible.

Special features: irregular rhythms, fragmentation and discontinuity: this approach is very impulsive.
These large images and soft shapes embody the cosiness and comfort of old blankets you might find in an attic.

Special features: soft lines, calm tones, blurry outlines and large-scale images.
This evokes the feeling of being out in the open and close to nature. Here we see natural resources combined with cutting-edge technology. In a world that has temporarily acquired clearly defined boundaries, purity of line, colour and space are especially important.

Special features: the use of colour as the starting point. We draw textures in neon pastels, finding ways of conveying their light glow and keeping their feeling of freshness. We can use computer filters to create the desired effect.
Alone in the garden
Here we use computer filters to process pictures of plants, changing them beyond recognition. This season's driver is a single rose.

Special features: the ability to create a sense of the surface of an object. Details are drawn or merged into a single simplified element.
Mystical minimalism
The mystery of unknown systems attracts us more than ever; they reduce our fear of the future. By drawing secret signs, we can construct our own new systems.

Special features: pseudo-symbolism. By using old techniques and the principles of image construction, we introduce modern details to the look.
Volcanic surfaces
Frozen lava, fragmentation, reflection of the earth's surface and the beauty of a soft spot: we take the rhythms of nature and transfer them on to a light background.

Special features: smooth flowing forms, the freedom of elements, unaltered surfaces.
Frozen lava, fragmentation, reflection of the earth's surface and the beauty of a soft spot: we take the rhythms of nature and transfer them on to a light background.

Special features: smooth flowing forms, the freedom of elements, unaltered surfaces.
Damask patterns
The new damasks are influenced by Photoshop filters and new materials. Here we see the influence of technology on modern culture, balancing the desire to rely on tradition while being careful not to lose expressiveness.

Special features: the use of bold colour combinations, the placement of neon accents, the fragmentation of details, mirrored elements.
Lost in time
Messengers from outer space, the themes of space travel, and the flickering of materials from the future.

Special features: exceptionally dark backgrounds emphasizing the depth of the designs; splashes of gold and aquamarine create a feeling of richness and luxury.
A journey deep into the origins of the human species. Looking at the art of primitive tribes helps to emphasize the naturalness of these elements.

Special features: keeping the rhythms and lines, using naivety and rawness to create a new beauty. These are primitive images, untouched by civilization.
Fire tamed
Reflecting the basic elements of nature is one of the main directions of this season. These vivid statements touch our emotions and bring with them mystical elements. These images are elemental, even dangerous.

Special features: these images are not usually based on raw photographs. A graphic approach takes these ideas in an interesting new direction.
How to proceed
this season:
1. Use traditional imaging techniques, but combine them with modern details
2. Use unexpected offsets and transitions
3. Emphasise nature and natural elements or create variations which imitate nature
4. Play with scale, feel free to use computer filters
5. Use artistic reinterpretation of classic patterns such as houndstooth, cage (cell)
Download prints
All the key themes of the season are available in ready-made solutions. Additional prints can be downloaded in Royalty-free stock. All are free for commercial use.