Women's Print & Graphic A/W 21/22.
Traditions that lead to the future
In the fall-winter season, we redefine tradition through the prism of innovation.

Images from outer space and prehistoric artefacts are of equal value.

Within the framework of the extreme conditions of digital reality, and the fast pace being set by innovative technologies, these trends evoke nostalgia for the traditional values that we can all rely on.

This season, classic paisley, the plaid patterns our grandmother would have worn, gold and the lavish detail seen in old paintings, combine with geometry and traditional crafts to evoke the work of the old masters.

The beauty of the earth's surface is a new source of inspiration and will be for many seasons to come. We are rethinking elements of wildlife and transforming natural surfaces – oil stains, volcanic lava, the plumage of forest birds and abundant flora – into organic non-prints and catwalk favourites.

Special features: the transformation of plant elements into new formats in which hand drawn flowers sit beside strikingly realistic photographic flora. When brought together in intricate patterns, this natural herbarium, encapsulates our memories of the past and gives us a valuable sense of security, protection and tranquillity.
New thinking forces us to view fabrics as a renewable resource, which in turn has influenced fabric design. We can achieve a luxury look by combining different textures.

Special features: the combination of blocks of colour of different shapes, achieve a luxury look by combining colours. These designs are reminiscent of the techniques used by the avant-garde of the Soviet Union in the 1930s.
Interior florals
Baroque interiors, brocades, flock, rich textures – these embody the values that we want to rely on. Tradition gives an opportunity to trace the history of each product.

Special features: the drawings are accurate, truthful, and well-designed. Floral sketches by 19th century artists provide a good reference point.
This season we look at everything around us, the patterns and rhythms, in a new way and see new values in them.

Special features: detailed, fractional, precious and rich, with a bold use of gold and interesting elements borrowed from skilled furniture makers or from the paintings of the old masters.
Despite the winter season, the trend towards enjoying a high quality of life, the use of sustainable materials, and the rise in the cost of raw materials, means we need to show added value and provide easy-to-read hand drawings. These watercolour techniques support this trend.

Special features: working only by hand, we emphasise lightness, carelessness, and grace. The correct density of the pattern is very important, you need to include plenty of air and space around the motifs. Pay attention to rhythm, these designs should feel as natural as breathing.
This is one of the main directions this season. The techniques used in recycling these ornamental motifs convey the feeling that they have been hand printed. This embodies a whole set of concepts: an ecological approach, natural dyeing, gentle forms, an easy approach to everyday use.

Special features: softness of shape and colour, a limited number of colours.
Precious paisley
This season, paisley has regained its classic character but also benefits from various stylistic treatments.

Special features: we build the compositions around a single element. Do not mix different paisley sizes.
Animalistic print
This season's animal prints have become regular and very concentrated, transforming and moving closer to ordered rhythms.

Special features: monochrome and muted, black print is an obligatory part of this direction.
Floral symbols
Transforming flowers into geometric patterns is a special direction this season. This approach simplifies forms, and creates new graphic systems that resemble communication signs, icons, and emoji. We process the plant world into a format we are used to.

Special features: we simplify and connect the details, applying the principles of minimalism to separate images.
New craft
This is the era of the digital masters. We preserve the feeling of craft work in the drawing and focus on the techniques of traditional weaving, to create a crafted effect in the drawing which imitates work made on old looms.

Special features: the deliberate inclusion of small imperfections. The pattern, or the details within it, are intentionally blurred, the image looks out of focus.
Natural surfaces
One of the main drivers this season. These fabric patterns will stay with us for many seasons but will change, acquiring the features of camouflage, leopard and other iconic and familiar off-season patterns as they evolve. We reinterpret elements from wildlife and transform natural surfaces.

Special features: we build thoughtful rhythms by grouping in one particular spot. This season the non-print pattern uses exclusively natural shades of brown, grey and beige.
These images are inspired by alpine meadows, where every flower is visible. We then add traditional local herbs and build our own herbarium in the style of antique illustrations.

Special features: these are very detailed and resemble scientific sketches; they preserve the natural colour and work well in compact compositions.
Organic camouflage
We are looking for a new language for camouflage – oil spills, water spots and mixtures, traces of liquid on fabric.

Special features: taking images from various organic prints such as snakeskin and stone combining them with light, bright, layering, spots, and colour degradation.
Monochrome graphics
These soft retro patterns and shapes remind us of the 1970s.

Special features: the shapes of the elements are soft. The background can change: it can be bright, but it can also provide contrast. Other elements such as stylized flowers can be added to these patterns.
These soft retro patterns and shapes remind us of the 1970s.

Special features: the shapes of the elements are soft. The background can change: it can be bright, but it can also provide contrast. Other elements such as stylized flowers can be added to these patterns.
Flowers by night
A selection of bold striking colours against a very dark background; the bright flowers are almost sinking into the liquid darkness behind them. The overall focus is not on the flowers themselves but is a play on the dark areas between them.

Special features: choose the most spectacular flowers and place them lightly against rich dark backgrounds which almost swallow them up. Enhance the sense of mystery by erasing or combining details.
How to proceed
this season:
1. Pay attention to rhythm, the alternation of light and dark elements
2. Draw inspiration from the paintings of the old masters and the historic floral sketches of artists and furniture makers
3. Rethink the elements of wildlife and transform natural surfaces
4. Enhance the sense of mystery by erasing or combining details
5. Maintain a feeling of handicrafts and handprints
Download prints
All the key themes of the season are available in ready-made solutions. Additional prints can be downloaded in Royalty-free stock. All are free for commercial use.